A mobile mechanic is a mechanic who travels to your location to carry out work on your vehicle.

Are the mechanics at AGP qualified?

Yes, all of our mechanics are highly trained and hold recognised industry qualifications

Can I book by phone?

Yes - simply call 07583 181288

Can I supply my own parts?

You are welcome to supply your own parts, however we would be unable to guarantee the authenticity or longevity of any parts supplied, and so you would do so at your own risk, with no liability to AGP in the case of part failure or damage to your vehicle arising from the supplied part.

Can I trust the mechanic?

Trust is built over time - however AGP have built strong relationships with all of our customers over a number of years - and those customers have returned again and again for AGP to keep their vehicles on the road.

Do I pay anything upfront?

No - payment is required upon satisfactory completion of any work carried out. You will be invoiced in due course.

Do mobile mechanics need a specific space to work in?

No - as long as we can access your vehicle, and there is room for our van we will be able to carry out most services and repair work at your location. Should more extensive work be required, we have access to a number of workshops throughout Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire and can arrange the collection and return of your vehicle from and to your preferred location.

Do you have brand specialists in your network?

AGP are experienced with an extensive range of makes and models, including

Do you offer accident repair?


Do you offer a roadside repair assistance / breakdown cover?


Do you provide VAT receipts for bookings?

Yes, we are VAT registered

Do your mechanics carry parts with them for all cars on any occasion?

We carry basic parts, however we are able to collect parts for most vehicles once we know what is needed to complete the work required.

Do you only offer the services detailed on the website?

No, we can take care of pretty much everything needed to keep you on the road... and if we are unable to help, we have excellent relationships with specialists who will be able to help you further (for example, auto electricians, bodywork specialists etc).

How are you different from a normal garage service?

In terms of the final outcome, we are very similar - your vehicle will be repaired/serviced to a high standard keeping you on the road. The advantage of AGP is that we are mobile, so you do not need to visit a garage, arrange for lifts back and forth - leaving you to get on with your normal day to day activities. This also means you get more for your money, as our overheads are lower, a cost saving which we pass on to our valued customers.

How do I place a booking?

SImply call, email or fill in the form on this page.

How do your mobile mechanics get under the car without it being in a workshop?

Our vans are fully kitted out to allow us full access to your vehicle for maintenance.

What cities, towns and villages does AGP cover?

We cover Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire.


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